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Essential Coaching Skills for Improving Behavioural Safety On and Offshore

Accidents are primarily caused by people. The human factor can be extremely difficult for any organisation or manager/supervisor to address, because we are all individuals. We all have different attitudes towards safety, behave differently and interpret instructions, procedures and information in our own unique way. That is why NLP –based coaching is essential to any organisation, to “get into the mind” of the individual to understand the reasons for their behaviour and to raise their awareness of safety and to take responsibility for their own actions.

Supervisors, HSSEQ and Safety Personnel are in a position of significant influence; training them to be able to coach effectively willl have a huge impact on a daily basis. The workforce look to the supervisors and other safety personnel to understand the priority of safety in the organisation. Supervisors who demonstrate the importance of safety through constant and effective coaching set a level of expectation for safety that often provides early and sustainable results.

CPD have developed a a two day programme for supervisors that will provide the essential coaching and communication skills for safety personnel to have the confidence to have a coaching conversation and the skills to give positive and constructive feedback to improve safe behaviour.

Key Objectives

  • To increase awareness and understanding of self and others
  • To appreciate the influence of values, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes in workplace performance
  • To understand how we communicate and the importance of language
  • To develop a coaching mindset and the critical skills of rapport, active listening, precision questioning and effective feedback
  • To develop competence and confidence in coaching individuals and teams
  • To be able to handle non performance issues

These courses are run in-house. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


This programme is vital to my role, the missing link!

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