Coaching for Managers

Essential Coaching Skills for Managing Individuals, Teams and Improving Performance

Why are coaching skills essential?

The link between sports and coaching is clearly understood. In order to achieve ultimate success a sports person will have a coach. Where would top athletes be without their coaches to help achieve their dreams?

Tim Gallwey who wrote The Inner Game probably captured the essence of coaching when he said "Coaching is unblocking a person's potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them learn rather than teaching them."

In most literature coaching is referred to as effecting change and transformation. This change takes place through focused discussion, effective questioning and a variety of coaching tools. The aim of these conversations is to stimulate self assessment, self learning and personal awareness in formulating solutions to problems.

Coaching encourages employees to think and act at higher levels, with beneficial results for the organisation. The effects of good coaching are two way; effective coaching helps managers and leaders to experience the satisfaction of seeing others grow and develop and perform at their best.

We have developed a three day programme that will give the essential skills, tools and behaviours to be confident to have meaningful and sometimes challenging conversations to unlock their full potential.

Key Objectives

  • To know how to encourage others to set goals and achieve success
  • To understand how to empower people to get results after they have learned new skills
  • To be able to give the right kind of feedback in a way it can be heard
  • To appreciate the influence of values, beliefs, perceptions and attitudes in workplace performance
  • To understand how we communicate and the importance of language
  • To develop a coaching mindset and the critical skills of rapport, active listening, precision questioning and effective feedback.

These courses are run in-house.Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


I believe I now have the confidence (post 5-day NLP Coaching Skills part 1 course) to interact with people and know that I have the tools to help and support them in reaching their aims / objectives. The power of active listening and good rapport is simply amazing and something that needs to be shared with as many people as possible. With the aid of coaching my colleagues and I can continue to develop a positive health and safety culture on our individual assets and within the organisation as a whole.

Federation of Small Business (Scotland) Association for Coaching