Complete Performance Development

Complete Performance Development are a team of training and coaching professionals who have worked within the oil and gas, construction, logistics, HR and tourism industries. We specialise in creating and sustaining a coaching culture by providing you with the necessary skills, attitudes and behaviours to enable you to communicate effectively, coach and inspire others to manage change.

Our behavioural based safety coaching skills programmes - StaySafe© - will provide you with the essential tools and strategies to empower a work force to become more aware of their surroundings, self-accountable for injury free prevention and actively care for the safety and health of others. Coaching for managers will enable you to tap into your inner resources, master communication to enhance your potential and individual excellence. We will provide you with a series of strategies that will enable you to set more effective goals, build and maintain better relationships, demonstrate positive behaviours and above all to coach others to do the same.

Our training workshops fall into three main categories: Safety Coaching; Coaching; Leadership & Management.

All our courses are person centred, experiential and delivered in a coaching style.


I never thought for a minute the course would prepare me to feel confident to coach in only 5 days - it far exceeded this concern

Federation of Small Business (Scotland) Association for Coaching